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Mayuri and Shubha, the Storyteller-Photographer duo have been traveling places around the world, since tying the knot in 2014: 2 continents, 4 countries, and countless cities. Explore with us to see this beautiful mama earth !


Our Journey

We are full-time corporate professionals, Shubha (having a background in Civil engineering), and Mayuri (having experience in PR and corporate communication). Though we started our career in different fields, there is a similarity between us that we two happy souls, who dream of traveling the world together. We are slowly but steadily expanding our travel exposure through social media like blogging, posting, and sharing new travel stories on Instagram, Facebook.

Being a part-time travel photographer and blogger, we spend half of our time every day writing blogs, articles, editing photographs, highly active on social platforms and also attend travel & street photography, social media seminars, watch youtube videos to gain more knowledge on it.


Why thelocalfeet

Being a tourist is fine, vacations are great. But, have you ever thought to experience a place as local people do? What if you want to shed off some limitations of monopoly traveling and turn yourself into an explorer to absorb the culture, food, activities of the hidden local trail in any corner of the world?

What interests us About Travel

When traveling, we love to stay in experimental accommodations. We like slow travel based on a local experiment we do, embracing the local culture, lifestyle, language, and food, exploring offbeat trails, and stay there as long as we want. We believe in the responsible travel concept because this idea has an impact on eco-tourism. Our goal is to make a deeper connection with the places we visit by contributing to the local economy and make budget travel. We always prefer to stay at local homestays, eat local food, and avoid using plastic commodities, try to drink water from natural resources, and use less water for other purposes. We communicate and build community relations with the local people and suggest or encourage them on sustainable travel ideas or innovative business ideas likely to promote their local products/ handmade crafts. We firmly believe that this could be the way how new travelers will understand and adopt sustainable travel philosophy and educate others.

Padharo sa, each street has its own tales when u r in Rajasthan

Padharo sa, each street has its own tales when u r in Rajasthan

The pursuit of excellent culmination in crafting u would rather die for when u r specially at the Royal Jaisalmer Fort premises. The vibrancy n the use of colours in the handlooms would make u awestruck.

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You might not always fit in to experience the offbeat travel, but you must try. Follow thelocalfeet, conceptualized by Mayuri & Shubha in 2018 To get more insight into sustainable travel.

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